Expect More. Demand Better.

Cook County needs change.

Why is Alice running?

Because it’s time for a new voice in Cook County government.

Alice is 20+ year resident of Cook County, District 12

Born in China, Alice’s family lived through the horrors of Mao’s violent and chaotic Cultural Revolution. Where millions suffered imprisonment, torture, hard labor, seizure of property, starvation and death.

As a very young girl, Alice felt that there had to be something better.

She found the answer in the promise of America. Alice  embodies the very definition of the American success story. She holds an MBA from North Park University, is a small business owner, and works as a global supply chain executive.

Learn about the issues Alice will fight for on the Cook County Board

Combating Crime
Cook County Democrats have failed to keep our county safe. Kim Foxx acts more like the criminal's lawyer than the people's prosecutor. As your Commissioner, Alice will hold Kim Foxx accountable for her failures while supporting the brave men and women who serve our county in law enforcement.
Lowering Taxes
Cook County has the 2nd highest property taxes in all of America. Why? Where does this money go? To wasteful, out-of-control spending brought on by years of one-party Democrat rule. Alice will vote against new taxes and hold government accountable to pursue wise budgets and transparent spending.
Fighting Corruption
Unfortunately, It's a given. We all know that years of one-party rule and special interest insider politics have created a culture of corruption in Cook County. Alice Hu will fight to expose corruption and hold government accountable to serve the people of Cook County.
Chicago Family
Public Health
Cook County families deserve access to high-quality health care. Alice will fight to make the Cook County Hospital system the most efficient, cost-effective and accessible public health system in America.

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We are in this race to win it!.

Do you support Alice’s agenda for Cook County? Are you a resident of District 12 that wants to see change?

Join us! We will work together to make Cook County a better place to live!

Vote Tuesday Nov 8th!

We must expect more and demand better from our Cook County Board.

Vote Alice Hu on November 8th.